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As a learning community, our members have an interest and foundational background in Jungian Analytical Psychology. We welcome prospective members who share this background and interest.  In order to foster quality training that includes informed discussion among our members, we ask that applicants review our mission and guidelines, and consider whether JPA aligns with their professional background and interests.



All JPA Members are licensed practitioners in their home state or province or are in the process of becoming licensed (e.g., LMHC-A).

In addition to a background in Jungian Analytical Psychology, we value and encourage continued personal and individual development through the experience of personal psychotherapy.

Members are listed on our public website. Members receive notice of JPA educational offerings and special events and receive discounts for all JPA-sponsored events. All members are eligible and encouraged to serve on JPA committees and can be nominated to serve on the JPA Council. Please join us!


JPA's membership year begins/renews on Jan 1st. If you have questions about membership, please contact JPA's Administrator, Tim Nelson via or by calling the JPA phone line (206) 484-4307. If you are ready to join the JPA, you may do so online at our Member Registration page.

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The JPA Council is the governing body of the JPA and performs various organizational tasks for the organization. The council's responsibilities include: planning, organization, and implementation of JPA programs and events; provision of hospitality for these events; collection of membership dues; outreach and sustained communication with new and current membership; maintenance of financial records; maintenance of records of Council meetings. The Council meets on a regular basis (every 6-8 weeks as needed) throughout the year.


If you would like to consider serving on the Council, are interested in volunteering to help with events, or have an idea or a way of contributing to the organization not formally listed, please . Your contribution is welcome!